Artwork Tips

Here are some useful tips you need to remember before uploading and creating your design.

1.      Firstly and most importantly, ensure your artwork [PNG, EPS or CDR] is high resolution, that is, preferably over 300dpi.  We do allow as low as 200dpi but for best results 300dpi or higher is essential.  If you've pulled an image or logo from the internet or a website it's highly likely that it is a low resolution (usually around 96dpi or lower).  These images will give poor quality prints and are not recommended. To minimise the possibility of this happening, our Designer Tool will warn you if the quality of the image is below our threshold and you'll need to agree to the disclaimer shown in order to proceed.

2.      With regards to “Saving" low resolution artwork in a higher resolution copy file DOES NOT mean this will improve the quality. It simply adds the low resolution image to the new file WITHOUT IMPROVEMENT.  Our preferred file types for any artwork are VECTOR files such as EPS or CDR. These give the highest quality results as they can be enlarged and manipulated without losing resolution and have smooth sharp lines.

3.      With regard to backgrounds, if you don't want it to be visible please ensure this is TRANPARENT. You'll usually see this as a grey and white "chequered" effect when opening the file in any popular design software such as Photoshop.  A white background is NOT transparent. If it's white it usually is. So if you see it in the background of your design once you've uploaded it, this is what will be printed!  You can make the background transparent within the Designer Tool.  To achieve this do the following:

a.      Click the Select Transparent button underneath the Design Properties box.

b.      Choose the colour you wish to make transparent. 

c.       Slide the RGB sliders all the way to the right making each one 255, then click Select

This should delete the white and make it transparent!  You'll need good artwork for best results.  You can do this for any other colour too. (It's best if you know the RGB values though to be exact!)

Remember.........What you see, is what we print.  Please be aware, we can only use what you give us. As the old saying goes "You can't make a silk purse out of a Pig's ear!!" The same applies to Artwork.

Please get in touch with us via our Contact form if you are unsure.  We do offer an artwork design service if you feel you need help or your current design needs re-drawing. Simple "tweaking" is FREE! For more complex and time consuming artwork, prices start at £15.00 + vat. Ask us for more details.